Companies "A to E"

AbraconMagnetics, transformers, chokes, inductors, filters, clock oscillators
949-546-8000 / Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Advanced Components Industries, Inc Transformers, miniature series, space limiting SPK, height limiting SPF
800-841-0994 / Torrance, CA

Agile MagneticsCustom transformers, inductors, coils and assemblies
+ 001-603-410-6650 / Concord, NH

API Delevan RF, power, EMI/RFI suppressors, transformers, common mode chokes
716-652-3600 / East Aurora, NY

Bicron Electronics CoTranformers - toroidal - open frame - power - isolation, current sensors
800-624-2766 / Canaan, CT

C&D TechnologiesTransformers, DC-DC converters, power board panels, inductors, power supplies
800-543-8630 / Blue Bell, PA

Central TechnologiesTransformers, inductors, DC/DC converters, toroids, beads, ISO9001:2000
800-684-5322 / Irvine, CA

CET Technology Transformers, chokes, toroids, power inductors, switching power supplies
603-894-6100 / Windham, NH

CoilcraftRF, power inductors, EMI/RFI filter products, xDSL magnetics, transformers
800-322-2645 / Cary, IL

Datatronic Distribution IncSMPS transformers, inductors, wideband RF magnetics, common mode chokes
888-889-5391 / Romoland, CA

Easy Magnet CorpTransformers, dip, multilayer, SMD, balun wire wound, common mode
886-2-26989699 / Taiwan, R.O.C.

Endicott Coil CompanyTransformers, power, isolation, current, step-up, step-down, flyback, instrument
607.797.1263 / Binghamton, NY

Espey Mfg & Electronics Corp Custom magnetics - pulse - impedance matching - SMPS - power - high voltage
518-245-4400 / Saratoga Springs, NY

EXA E&C IncTV circuit kits, high voltage transformers, back light inverters
+0082-2-3289-5164 / Seoul, Korea

Companies "F to Q"

Flex-CoreCurrent transformers, transducers, signal conditioners & converters
614-889-6152 / Columbus, OH

Frontier USARF inductors, chokes, common mode filters, chip inductors, SM ferrite beads
805-522-9998 / Simi Valley, CA

Hammond ManufacturingElectrical enclosures, racks, electronic transformers, packaging, power bars
716-630-7030 / Cheektowaga, NY

Hytronics - Electro TechnikCommercial & military chokes, inductors, transformers MIL-PRF-27 & 21038
727-535-0413 / Clearwater, FL

I-Tech - Electro TechnikTransformers, inductors, common mode chokes, toroids, pot cores
727-535-0413 / Clearwater, FL

Lenco ElectronicsCustom transformers and inductors, switch mode, current, inverter, pot core
815-344-2900 / McHenry, IL

Magnetic Specialties, Inc.Transformers and inductors, SMPS, control, current sensors
267-384-5231 / Telford, PA

Marcus TransformerIndustrial control, auto-transformers, distribution transformers, reactors
514-935-3543 / Montreal, Quebec

Mitchell ElectronicsTransformers, inductors, current sensors
914-699-3800 / Mt. Vernon, NY

Pico ElectronicsTransformers, inductors, AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters
800-431-1064 / Pelham, NY

PowerVoltPower transformers, linear, switch mode, open frame, AC/DC wall plug-in's
888-797-8658 / Addison, IL

Prem MagneticsPower & telephony transformers, inductors, and CRT magnetics
815-385-2700 / McHenry, IL

Pulse EngineeringPower & low profile transformers, SMD inductors, filters, RF splitters/combiners
858-674-8100 / San Diego, CA

Companies "R to Z"

Radius PowerEMI/EMC filters, power supplies, transformers, inductors
714-289-0055 / Orange, CA

Raycom - Electro TechnikCustom and power magnetics (MIL-PRF-27 - MIL-PRF-21038)
717-292-3641 / Dover, PA

Renco ElectronicsBobbins, transformers, toroids, power chokes, inductors, surface mount
321-637-1000 / Rockledge, FL

RF Power SystemsImpedance matching transformers, RF splitters - combiners, customs
623-376-7720 / Peoria, AZ

RTI ElectronicsPower transformers, inductors, magnetic amplifiers, chokes, current sensors
714-765-8200 / Anaheim, CA

Signal TransformerStandard & custom power transformers, SMD - thru-hole, chassis mount
866-239-5777 / Jersey City, NJ

Sprague GoodmanTransformers, microwave tuning elements, SMT Chip - leaded inductors
516-334-8700 / Westbury, NY

Standex ElectronicsTransformers, coils, toroids, current sense coils, circuit control
513-871-3777 / Cincinnati, OH

Superior ElectricMotion & voltage control products, adjustable speed drives
800-787-3532 / Bristol, CT

Tamura CorpTelecom/datacom transformers, EMI/RFI filters, inductors, power supplies
800-472-6624 / Temecula, CA

Toroid Corporation of Maryland Transformers - toroidal isolation, rectifier, balanced, current sensing
888-286-7643 / Salisbury, MD

TTEIsolation & matching transformers, filters, diplexers, multiplexers, baluns
800-776-7614 / Los Angeles, CA

West Coast MagneticsSwitch mode, RF power inductors, common mode chokes, current sense
800-628-1123 / Stockton, CA

Winatic - Electro TechnikTransformers, commercial & medical, inductor - choke - air wound, bobbin
727-538-8917 / Clearwater, FL

XFMRSTransformers, inductors, inverters, EMI suppressors, wideband RF transformers
317-834-1066 / Camby, IN