SWITCHES- Mechanical - Mems - Silicon/GaAs


Companies "A to D"

Acewave TechnologySwitches, mechanical and elctrical, power dividers, couplers, attenuators
82-32-831-0401-2 / Incheon, Korea

Advanced Control ComponentsSwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, detectors, limiters, phase shifters
732-460-0212 / Eatontown, NJ

Advanced Technical Materials, Incswitches, adapters, attenuators, couplers, phase shifters, power dividers
631-289-0363 / Patchogue, NY

Aeroflex - Microelectronics Switches, attenuators, detectors, dividers, combiners, phase shifters
732-460-0212 / Eatontown, NJ

Agilent TechnologiesSwitches, adapters, amplifiers, analyzers, cables, counters, EEsof, test equiptment
800-452-4844 / Santa Clara, CA

Aircom MicrowaveSwitches, adapters, attenuators, bends, detectors, dividers, phase shifters
978-544-8225 / Orange, MA

AkonSwitches, attenuators, detectors, dividers, filters, DFD's, phase shifters
408-432-8039 / San Jose, CA

AnadigicsGaAs switches, amplifiers - line - drop transimpedance, attenuators, PAs,
908-668-5000 / Warren, NJ

APEM Components, IncSwitches, push buttons, rockers, slides, rotary, micro-limits, membranes, keypads
877-246-7890 / Haverhill MA

ArcolectricSwitches, rocker, slide, rotary, push button, toggle, IEC sockets, fuseholders
818-700-1933 / Canoga Park, CA

Avago TechnologiesSwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, diodes, mixers, multipliers, transistors
+1 408-435-7400 / San Jose, CA

ARRASwitches, adapters, attenuators, loads, power dividers, couplers, phase shifters
516-231-8400 / Bay Shore, NY

Biwin TechnologiesSwitches, tact, push button, slide, rotary, SMD - DIP - SIP, piano, right angle
886-4-24938180 / Taiwan

Cal-Bay Systems, IncRF switch matrix, test measurement, ATE, programming tools, instrumentation
415-258 9400 / San Rafael, CA

Carling TechnologiesSwitches, circuit breakers, power distribution, digital switching, controls
860-793-9281 / Plainville, CT

California Eastern LaboratoriesSwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, fiber optic Rx/Tx, JFET's, lasers, MOSFET's
408-919-2500 / Santa Clara, CA

CernexSwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, couplers, detectors, filters, oscillators
408-541-9226 / Sunnyvale, CA

Charter EngineeringElectromechanical switches, attenuators, terminations, power dividers, couplers
727-549-8999 / Largo, FL

CobhamSwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, detectors, frequency doublers, limiters
877-262-4267 / Lowell, MA

Cole Instrument CorpRotary, keylock, illuminated, custom switches, encoders, solid state relays.
714-556-3100 / Santa Ana, CA

CommsAuditRF switching matrix, amplifiers, filters, I/Q & multi-channel receivers, multicouplers
+44 (0)124 225 3131 / Cheltenham, England

Coto TechnologySwitches, RF reed relays, sensors, dry-reed BGA, axial, gull wing, J-lead
401-943-2686 / Providence, RI

ClareSwitches, relays, mixed-signal custom ASICs & ASSP integrated circuits (ICs)
978-524-6700 / Beverly, MA

Comtech PSTSwitches, amplifiers, duplexers, circulators, limiters, isolators
631-777-8900 / Melville, NY

Crydom, IncSolid state relays, power modules, photoMOS, IO modules
877-502-5500 / San Diego, CA

Custom Microwave Components, IncGaAs FET switches, switch matrices, PIN diode, switch/filter matrices, attenuators
510-651-3434 / Fremont, CA

Cutler-Hammer - Eaton ElectricalSwitches, circuit breakers, fuses, panelboards, sensors, terminal blocks
412-893-3300 / Moon Township, PA

CTS CorporationSwitches, duplexers, filters, terminators, synthesizer, clock generators, VCO's
574-293-7511 / Elkhart, IN

Daico IndustriesSwitches, amplifiers, digital attenuators, voltage controlled, phase shifters
310-507-3242 / Carson, CA

Dorado International CorpWG Switches, adapters, attenuators, couplers, filters, phase shifters
206-574-0900 / Seattle, WA

Dowkey MicrowaveSwitches, coaxial, waveguide, control devices, solid state, matrix systems
805) 650-0260 / Ventura, CA

Ducommun TechnologiesSwitches, coaxial, waveguide, amplifiers, antennas, control devices, oscillators
310-513-7200 / Carson, CA

Companies "E to O"

EAO SwitchSwitches, indicator, keyboard, keylock, keypads, rotary, switch panels
800-329-7326 / Milford, CT

Electroswitch Electronic ProductsMilitary, open frame, enclosed, pushbutton, rocker, paddle, toggle
888-768-2797 / Raleigh, NC

ElmaEnclosures, panels, handles, cabinets, EMI/RFI shielded
510-656-3400 / Fremont, CA

E-Mark, IncSwitches, DIP, through hole, SMT, PCB connectors, barrier blocks, terminals
800-831-5383 / Shelton, CT

EPX MicrowaveSwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, couplers, power dividers
(408) 727-7127 / Santa Clara, CA

E-Switch, IncSwitches, toggle, rocker, pushbutton, DIP, snap-action, slide, rotary, keylock
763-504-3525 / Brooklyn Park, MN

FM SystemsSwitches, amplifiers, filters, receivers, transmitters, up/down converters
800-235-6960 / Santa Ana, CA

Garvin IndustriesSwitches, electrical boxes, connectors, cables, clamps, data-com, tele-com
847-455-0188 / Franklin Park, IL

G.T. MicrowaveSwitches, attenuators, phase shifters, modulators, dividers, detectors, filters
973-361-5700 / Randolph, NJ

HamlinReed, Hall sensors, reed switches, reed relays
920-648-3000 / Lake Mills, WI

HerleySwitches, attenuators, modulators, phase shifters, dividers, oscillators
717-735-8117 / Lancaster, PA

Hittite Microwave CorpSwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, frequency multipliers, modulators
978-250-3343 / Chelmsford, MA

Instruments for IndustrySwitches, amplifiers, antennas, attenuators, cable, couplers,
631-467-8400 / Ronkonkoma, NY
Switches, attenuators, fixed, variable, power dividers, combiners, terminations
877-887-4539  Indianapolis, IN

KMWSwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, couplers, filters, phase shifters
800-832-0569 / Cerritos, CA

Logus Microwave CorpSwitches, DC-60 GHz, waveguide, coaxial, ridgeguide, SPDT, multi-through
407-842-3550 / West Palm Beach, FL

M/A-COM - CobhamSwitches, diodes, couplers, power dividers, semiconductors, substrates
800-366-2266 / Lowell, MA

Magnasphere CorpMagnetic tamper proof switches, sensors - security doors - windows
262-792-1306 / Brookfield, WI

MCLISwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, power dividers, couplers, oscillators, filters
800-333-6254 / St. Petersburg, FL

Meder ElectronicSwitches, reed relays, sensors, level sensors, magnets, opto couplers
800-870-5385 / Mashpee, MA

MicroneticsSwitches, noise sources, VCO's, limiters, phase shifter, attenuators
603-883-2900 / Hudson, NH

Microwave Applications GroupSwitches, phase shifters, switches, circulators, phased array antennas
805-928-5711 / Santa Maria, CA

Microwave Development LaboratoriesSwitches, adapters, attenuators, dividers, phase shifters, rotory joints
781-292-6680 / Needham Heights, MA

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, IncSwitches, hybrid, directional couplers, power dividers, amplifiers, synthesizers
410-893-2430 / Forest Hill, MD

MimiX BroadbandSwitches, amplifiers, FET's, frequency multipliers, VCO's, receivers
281-988-4600 / Houston, TX

Mini-CircuitsSwitches, attenuators, couplers dividers, mixers, amplifiers, filters, oscillators
718-934-4500 / Brooklyn, NY

MiteqSolid-state switches, attenuators, amplifiers, mixers, oscillators
631-436-7400 / Hauppauge, NY

Narda Microwave East -- L-3Switches, filters, bandpass, notch, duplexers, multiplexers, filter couplers
631-231-1700 / Hauppauge, NY

National SemiconductorSwitches, amplifiers, converters, detectors, temperature sensors
800-272-9959 / Santa Clara, CA

NKK SwitchesSwitches, pushbutton, rocker, rotary, tactile, toggle, keylock, programmable
480-991-0942 / Scottsdale, AZ

Otto Engineering, IncSwitches, electromechanical, hall effect, pushbutton, rocker, rotary, toggle, limit
888-234-6886 / Carpentersville, IL

Companies "P to Z"

PasternackSwitches, amplifiers, dividers, couplers, attenuators, combiners, terminations
949-261-1920 / Irvine, CA

Peregrine SemiconductorSwitches, phase locked loops, mixers, prescalers, digital step attenuators
858-731-9400 / San Diego, CA

Planar MonolithicsSwitches, amplifiers, detectors, filters, limiters, log amps, phase shifters
301-662-5019 / Frederick, MD

Power-IOSolid state relays, SCR thyristors, contactors, motor starters.
630-717-7335 / Naperville, IL

Pulsar MicrowaveSwitches, attenuators, bias tees, mixers, couplers, I&Q networks, power dividers
973-779-6262 / Clifton, NJ

Pulse Research LabSwitches, power dividers & splitters, clock sources, scanners
310-515-5330 / Torrance, CA

QuintechRF matrix switches, routers, redundancy switches, splitters, combiners, relay
800-839-3658 / Indiana, PA

RadiallSwitches, attenuators, connectors, couplers, coaxial adapters, terminations
203-380-9800 / Stratford, CT

Raven ResearchSwitches, antennas, multicouplers, radio & GSM, direction finders
+441189714540 / Reading, Berkshire, UK

Reactel, Inc.Switch filter bank, couplers, diplexers, duplexers, filters
301-519-3660 / Gaithersburg, MD

Reed Electronics AGManufacturer of level switches and sensors
+41 (0)41 499 70 40 / Switzerland
336-664-1233 / Greensboro, NC

RelComm TechnologiesDesign enhanced application specific RF coaxial relay products.
410-749-4488 / Salisbury, MD

Renaissance ElectronicsSwitches, amplifiers, couplers, isolators & circulators, dividers, combiners
978-772-7774 - Harvard, MA

RLC ElectronicsSwitches, adapters, attenuators, filters, couplers, power dividers, terminations
914-241-1334 / Mount Kisco, NY

Sector MicrowaveWaveguide, coaxial, space switches
631-242-2300 / Deer Park, NY

Siera MicrowaveSwitches, couplers, dividers, ferrites, filters, multiplexers, terminations
512-869-5007 / Georgetown, TX

Silicon Power CorpPower switches, silicon and MOS thyristors, power modules
610-648-3909 / Malvern, PA

Specialist Microwave Solutions LtdPIN & GaAs FET switches, attenuators, amplifiers, filters, limiters, phase shifters
01234 756034 / UK

Spectrum MicrowaveSwitches, amplifiers, attenuators, duplexers, filters, mixers, oscillators
888-553-7531 / Palm Bay, FL

SpinnerSwitches, adapters, attenuators, filters, connectors, couplers, phase shifters
866-535-7746 / Norcross, GA

Standex ElectronicsSwitches, hermetic & magnetic, PCB, reed, coils, current sense coils
513-871-3777 / Cincinnati, OH

SwitchcraftSwitches, connectors - PCB, cable, DIN, circular, plugs, jacks, coaxial, power
773-792-2700 / Chicago, IL

Taylor Microwave, IncSwitches, attenuators, couplers, filters, hybrids, power dividers, phase shifters
973-890-7763 / Clifton, NJ

Teledyne MicrowaveSwitches, amplifiers, BAW delay devices, ferrites, filters, synthisizers
650-691-9800 / Mountain View, CA

TrilithicSwitches, attenuators, couplers, filters - fixed - tunable, dividers, terminations
800-344-2412 / Indianapolis, IN

Triquint SemiconductorSwitches, amplifiers, duplexers, GaAs IC's & transistors & SAW filters
503-615-9000 / Hillsboro, OR

Universal Switching CorpProgrammable analog & digital switching systems & matrices
818-785-0200 / Van Nuys, CA

Ventronics USASwitches, capacitors, delay lines, filters, varistors, quartz crystals, oscillators
908-272-9262 / Kenilworth, NJ

Waveline, IncSwitches, adapters, attenuators, coupler, ferrites, phase shifters, wavguide
973-808-9113 / Fairfield, NJ

Wisewave Technologies - DucommunSwitches & matrices, amplifiers, filters, phase shifters, waveguide components
310-513-7200Carson, CA