Substrates - PCB's - Thick Film - Thin Film


Companies "A to E"

AccuSpecPCB assembly, thru-hole, surface mount, mixed technology, conformal coatings
814-476-1258 - McKean, PA

AFM MicroelectronicsHigh dielectric substrates, high Q low ESR RF multilayer ceramic capacitors
858-755-7688 - San Diego, CA

AFT MicrowaveMicrowave thin film technology, absorbers, waveguide, coaxial, phase shifters, ferrites
+49 7191 9659 0 / Germany

American Precision Electronics, IncContract manufacturer of printed circuit board, PCB, assemblies.
630-510-8080 - Carol Stream, IL

American Standard CircuitsHigh frequency, rigid, metal-backed, flex, aluminum composites, pre & post bonds
630-639-5444 / West Chicago, IL

Analog Technologies CorpProto - low volume PCB - flex circuits, BGA - Chip-on-board, - flip chip
952-894-9228 - Minneapolis, MN

Applied Thin-Film ProductsHigh frequency substrates, PTH, AlO3, BeO, AIN, quartz, sapphire
510-661-4287 - Fremont, CA

Artek ManufacturingPrototype, BGA, CSP, LCC rework, Remove/Replace/Reball; X-ray services
858-452-6456 - San Diego, CA

Asian Circuits IncPrototype SMT & THT & mixed technology, Low Volume, Turn-key PCB Assembly
888-371-5478 - Dublin, CA

Avanti CircuitsSingl/double sided, multilayer, all gold body, tin immersion, soft gold, vias
888 595-8876 - Phoenix, AZ

BittelePrototype to production, CAD systems, turnkey pcb assembly, engineering services
416-800-7540 - Toronto, ON

CIFPCB equipment, UV, etch, metallisation, drill, SMD-assembly - placing equipment
+33 (0) 1 4547 4800 - Bagneux Cedex, France

CirtechMil certified for flex, rigid pcb's, FR-4, polyimide, teflon, thermount, ceramic
714-921-0860 - Orange, CA

Crane (ex Merrimac)Microstrip, bonded stripline, thick metal backed teflon, mixed dielectric multilayer
973-575-1300 - West Caldwell, NJ

Custom Circuit BoardsMultilayer PCB's, Prototype PCB's, Quick turn Printed Circuit Boards, Production PCB's
(888) 906-6331 - Phoenix, Arizona

Denis Ferranti ElectronicsPCBs, smt, pth, assembly, fr4 - fr2 - metal backed, flexi-rigid - single/double sided
+44 (0) 1248 370370 - Bangor, UK

Epec TechnologiesDouble sided & multi-layer PCB's, Teflon, Polyflon, Duroid, FR4 - Teflon
888-995-5171 - New Bedford, MA

eTech-WEBBGA rework & repair, machining, pcb design, assembly inspection and repair
888-400-5868 - Austin, TX

Express PCBPCB layout software, pcb manufacturing service, two and four layer PCBs
503-321-5006 - Santa Barbara, CA

Companies "F to O"

First Level, IncCEM of microelectronic assemblies, CSP, COB, SCM, MCM, flip chip, chip on flex
717-266-2450 - York, PA

Foundation TechnologyPCB, BGA surface mount assembly, in circuit test, prototyping, boundary scan
+44 01908 269120 - Crownhill, Milton Keynes, UK

Imagineering, IncHigh quality, PCB's, IPC-A-600 F (Class2), prototype, production
847-806-0003 - Elk Grove Village, IL

Kingfield ElectronicsCEM services, instrumentation, medical, industrial, military & scientific markets
01246 451701 - Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

Labtech - TeledyneMixed dielectric circuits, blind/buried PTH vias, laser cut cavities, embedding
+44 (0) 1544 260 093 - Presteigne, UK

M/A-COM - CobhamRF substrates, microwave & mmwave semiconductors, transistors, diodes
800-366-2266 - Lowell, MA

Make My Circuit BoardCEM, PCB design, layout, fabrication, assembly, testing, prototype/production
+1-949-295-8880 - Tustin, CA

Micro SubstratesPower distribution bus bars and board stiffener products, surge-protection
480-967-0624 - Tempe, AZ

Modular Components National, Incsingle/double sided PCB's, PTFE & FR4, Metal core, pre and post bonded, PTH's
410-879-6553 - Forest Hill, MD

Nexlogic TechnologiesPCB design, assembly of SMT & PTH, BGA, fine pitch fabrication, FR4, teflon
408-436-8150 - San Jose, CA

OnBoardCircuitsPrinted circuit boards, maufacturing, assembly, fr4, hiTg fr4, cem-1, polyimide
602-753-2113 - Scottsdale, AZ

Online ElectronicsPCBs, quick turnaround, best available prices from local and offshore locations
800-499-9905 -  Elk Grove Village, IL

Otter Computer, IncPCB's, design, layout, fabrication, & assembly, BGA/uBGA/ LLP/ Flip Chip
408-982-9358 - Santa Clara, CA

Overnite ProtosPCB, design, fabrication, assembly, single/double/multilayer, blind vias, SMT
847-871-1718 - Elk Grove Village, IL

Companies "P to Z"

Pad2PadPCB design, fabrication, assembly, through hole, SMT, BGA, software
201-962-7512 - Mahwah, NJ

PCBexpressPrototype PCB, USA design - fabrication & assembly, online schematic editor
800-228-8198 - Mulino, OR

PCB Fab ExpressPrototype PCB's fabrication and Assembly, FR4, Rogers 4000, buried vias
408-522-1500 - Sunnyvale, CA

Polyflon - CraneMicrowave substrates, POLYGUIDE, CuFlon, NorCLAD, copper-clad ULTEM®
203-840-7555 - Norwalk, CT

Power Design ServicesDesign, fabrication, assembly, FR4, flex, rigid-flex, RF - microwave - high speed
408-437-1931 - San Jose, CA

Precision TechnologiesDesign to assembly & testing, Nelco 4000-13, Ventec, Polyimide & GETEK
847-439-5447 - Elk Grove Village, IL

PWB America, IncComplete DFM & EMI check, SMT, thru hole, Flex/Rigid-Flex, Multilayer
714-695-0397 - Anaheim, CA

San Francisco CircuitsPCB design & manufacturing, MilSpec, flex/rigid flex, metal core, blind vias
+1-650-655-7202 - San Mateo, CA

SchmartBoardPre-traced pcb's, surface mount & CSP packages, QFP, PLCC. BGA, QFN, etc
925-362-0799 - San Ramon, CA

Screaming CircuitsPrototype PCB's, SMT, BGA, microBGA, package on package, rigid, ceramic, flex
1-866-784-5887 - Canby, OR

Sierra Proto ExpressISO-9002 and MilSpec MIL-P-55110 certified pcb manufacturer
800-763-7503 - Sunnyvale, CA

Standard Printed Circuits, Inc1-12 layer circuits, high frequency & high temperature, PTFE and ceramic
1-800-555-0980 - Sherburne, NY

503-829-9108 - Mulino, OR

T-Tech, IncPCB materials, circuit board shear, cutting tools, software, accessories
1.800.370.1530 - Norcross, GA

Ultra ElectronicsCEM - microelectronics design and fabrication, PCB assembly and testing
01305 762 175 - Weymouth, Dorset, UK