RESISTORS -    Chip - SMT - Leaded


Companies "A to I"

American Technical CeramicsResistors, attenuators, ceramic capacitors, wire-wound chip inductors
631-622-4700 / Huntington Station, NY

AnarenResistors, attenuators, couplers, power dividers, quads, splitters, terminations,
800-544-2414 / East Syracuse, NY

Barry IndustriesResistor and attenuator and termination chips - leaded - flanged, LTCC
508-226-3350 / Attleboro, MA

BC Components - VishayResistors, linear & non-linear, ceramic - film capacitors, switches, potentiometers
402-563-6866 / Shelton, CT

BournsResistors, chips - flanged - SMT, power, thin film networks, potentiometers
877-426-8767 / Riverside, CA

Caddock Electronics, IncNon-inductive resistors, low-ultra high, high voltage, temperature, precision
909-788-1700 / Riverside, CA

Component GeneralResistors, attenuators, terminations, thick film, stripline, rods, discs, T-pads
727-376-6655 / Odessa, FL

CTS CorporationResistors, ceramic duplexers, filters, VCO's, VCXO's, VCSO's, IF filters
574-293-7511 / Elkhart, IN

Dale Electronics - VISHAYResistors, arrays, variable, metal strip, leaded, networks, SMT inductors
402-563-6866 / Shelton, CT

EBG LLCPrecision, high voltage, high power, non-inductive thick film resistors
717-737-9877 / Middletown, PA

IMSThick & thin film resistors, chip attenuators, power terminations, SMT
401-683-9700 / Portsmouth, RI

IRCResistors, SMT, through hole, hi temp, hi voltage, power, precision, networks
888-472-3282 / Boone, NC

Isotek CorporationResistors, high power, current sense, ultra-precision, metal clad wire wound
800-LOW-OHMS / Swansea, MA

Companies "J to O"

Jaro ComponentsResistors, SMT/thru hole, ferrite beads, SMT inductors - chip - wire wound
561-241-6700 / Boca Raton, FL

Kamaya, IncResistors, GP & RF chip, leaded, metal plate fuses, attenuators, thermistors
81-467-71-0888 / Kanagawa, Japan

KOA Speer ElectronicsResistors, current sense, arrays, leaded, SMD, MELF, networks, inductors
814-362-5536/ Bradford, PA

Laube TechnologyResistors, chip, SIP, carbon film, power, fusible, metal oxide, wire wound
888-355-2823 / Camarillo, CA

Mallory-DuraCap InternationalWire-wound potentiometers, rheostats, attenuators, rotary selector switches
519-539-4891 Ontario / Canada

Microbridge TechnologiesElectronically trimmable micro-resistor, sensors, sensor conditioning
514-938-8089 / Montreal, Canada

MicroMetrics - Aeroflex / MetelicsThin film resistor Tantalum Nitride chips, varactors, mixers, detectors, capacitors
888-641-7364 / Londonderry, NH

Murata ElectronicsResistors, chip, SMD, thru hole, delay lines, capacitors, thermistors, inductors
800-241-6574 / Smyrna, GA

NIC ComponentsResistors, attenuators, ferrite beads, capacitors, inductors, thermistors
631-396-7500 / Melville, NY

Nikkohm Co., LtdResistors, precision thin film, attenuator, termination, power, wire wound, metal
+81-176-53-2105 / Misawa, Aomori, Japan

OhmCraftThick film resistors, SMD & leaded, dividers, networks, high voltage
585-624-2610 / Honeoye Falls, NY

OhmiteResistors, thick film, wire wound, SMD, commercial & military grade, hi current
866-964-6483 / Arlington Heights, IL

Companies "P to Z"

PanasonicSMD resistors, capacitors, directional couplers, attenuators, inductors
201-348-7000 / Secaucus, NJ

Practical ComponentsNon-electrical exact size, shape, for pick-&-place machine setup & calibration
714-252-0010 / Los Alamitos, CA

Res-net MicrowaveMicrowave resistors, attenuators, diode detectors, terminations
727-536-7861 / Largo, FL

RF Power Components - ANARENSEE ANAREN

800-544-2414 / East Syracuse, NY

SSMResistors, thick film, thin film, high frequency & precision, SMD, metal plate
+81-75-662-7154 / Kyoto, Japan

State of the ArtResistors, high frequency, thick & thin film, attenuators, networks, terminations
800-458-3401 / State College, PA

TeproResistors, precision, wirewound, thin film, thick film, metal film, networks
727-796-1044 / Largo, FL

Token Passive ComponentsResistors, general purpose, wire wound power, SMT, precision, high voltage
+886-2-2981 0109 / Taiwan

US MicrowavesResistors, thin film, attenuators, filters, terminations, inductors, substrates
408-970-9680 / Santa Clara, CA

VenkelChip resistors, capacitors, inductors, thermistors, choke coils, ferrite beads
800-950-8365 / Austin, TX

YageoResistors, thick & thin film, precision, high stability, current sensing low ohmic
425-492-2818 / Woodinville WA